Jean-Luc, the Dad (one is needed for the 4WD preparation)

I resigned from my job on July 1, 2005. I am on a 3 years non paid hollidays.

My first motivation is to spend 3 years with my familly. Beeing 100% with them on an uncommon adventure. I always wanted to travel and challenge is a passion.

I am interresting in almost everything. My job is to prepare the DEFENDER and the camper box. I knox nothing about cars but I study the manual and things improove. The DEFENDER is more a kit than a modern car. That is perfect to me!


My CV for those interrested...

39 yo, ESME Sudria Software Ingeneer, I have been the production manager of the PLEYEL piano factory for a little more than 4 years.

Whether I have an electronics and software background and having worked at USSI Ingenierie at the beginning of my career, I have changed technique to management when I entered Elis (Industrial Laundry) for 9 years as a Production Ingeneer. I had in charge the NIMES plant before going on a BIG challenge with PLEYEL.