Vehicle Choice

First preparations
The finished vehicle

Updated Novembre 19th 2005

For the vehicle our choice was quickly set on the Land Rover DEFENDER 130 for this expedition.

We wanted

We could have taken a camper based on any small truck of the market (we know that some have done it successfully) or a 4WD van but our choice is made and we are happy with it.


We started looking for a Def130 in good condition.

The first preparations consisted of dismounting the back in order to transform it ino a trailer for my brother. We needed a trailer anyway to move our remainings furnitures out of the house! A plywood plate has replaced that part at the rear of the pick-up.

The front anti-rolling bar has been unmounted and the silent blocks have been changed for a NOLATHANE Kit. To remove the old rubber parts, I burnt the inner ring and removed it. The rubber comes then quite easily. I then cut the last ring in two parts and took it off. The new parts are very easy to put back in. All the bolts have been renewed during the operation.

In order to place the new Diesel tank at the rear, I had to remove the rear anti-rolling bar. The effect is difficult to measure since we have also changed the all suspension system. In all, I think the bar should be laft if possible but I do not really miss it on our configuration with thicker and tougher springs especially made for us by King Springs.

We put a Stainless Steel protection to edge of this tank.

The mounting of the Bull-bar has been more of a sport. One needs to say that it weights its amount of sweat with the WARN 12K electric winch mounted on it...

The ski protection for the front is easily mounted. The lateral protection bars needed some cuts and drills here and there on the chassis arms. The front and rear differential protections mounting is kid's game. The 130 had to be prepared for the unavoidable rocks encounters!

The roof has been lowered in order to limit the cutting inside the camper box. The front of the camper can still be thick enough for resistance as the total height stays compatible with the door of a container.

The exhaust pipe is a 110 all stainless steel but with a special part amde for the 130 as in the genuine one.

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The finished vehicle

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